Welcome to Loser Boi! This is a simple game from BeFour Studio with a single, simple objective - complete one quick time event. However, you have a window of only a single frame to succeed. Are you fast enough?

This is a single player game that can take anywhere from 4 - 30 minutes to complete.

This game features multiple endings depending on how many times you fail the objective. You don’t have an unlimited number of tries, but don’t be too disheartened if it takes a few attempts. The narrator is kind of a jerk, don’t let him get you down.

Epilepsy Warning: This game contains flashing lights on the victory screen. There is epilepsy friendly mode available as well.

This game was made in GameMaker Studio 2 by a team of four people, whose last name all started with the letter B, hence the name BeFour Studio.


LoserBoi.exe 54 MB

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